Transitional Tournament – Information

We look forward to welcoming registered teams to what we hope will be an enjoyable and useful day as teams prepare for the 2018/19 season. We hope that the below will provide all the information you need for the day.

Washingborough Playing Fields

Teams must be registered with the Tournament Registration Desk by:
9am for the morning tournament
1.30pm for the afternoon tournament
There will be a Managers’ Briefing at the Registration Desk at 9.15 and 1.45.

Approximately 100 car parking spaces are available to visitors. Should the car park be full, please
park considerately to the people who live around the playing fields and to other motorists. Parking is
free, but programmes will be available for £1 each.

Toilets will be open and HBW United will be selling refreshments, BBQ food and drink. Changing
Rooms will not be available.

Dogs are not allowed on Washingborough Playing Fields.

For the safety of players and non-smoking spectators, the tournament area is a no-smoking area.

Each team will be given a bin bag, which we ask you to put any rubbish in and take it away with you
when you leave the tournament.

In the event of the referee considering the teams’ colours being too similar, the away team will be
asked to wear either bibs or an away shirt (if your team is lucky enough to have one). Please ensure
you bring your own bibs or change shirt with you.

Lincs FA referees will officiate at 11-a-side and 9-a-side games. The manager of a non-playing Mini
Kickers / U6 and Under 8s team is obliged to referee the 5-a-side match or 7v7 match in which their
team is not playing.

As per Mid Lincs rules, each playing team is required to provide a Referee’s Assistant. We
respectfully ask that they do not coach during the matches.

This is a developmental tournament, designed to help the players become accustomed to playing a
new format of football. Breaches of the FA’s RESPECT guidelines will not be tolerated. Any player,
manager or spectator breaching the guidelines will result in their team being disqualified from the

It is vital that matches kick off on time. Please ensure your team is ready to play and by the side of
your pitch at least 10 minutes before kick off. Should your team not be on the pitch and ready to kick
off on time, you will be deducted 2 points.
The referee will record the result of competitive fixtures (9v9 and 11v11) and relay them to the
tournament organisers who will update the scores and league table. No results will be recorded for
5v5 and 7v7 development games.
In the competitive games (11v11 and 9v9): 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw. In
the event of a tie, goal difference, then goals scored and then the result in the fixture against the tied
team will be used to decide league positions. In the event of a tie still remaining for first place after
these methods, a penalty shoot-out will be staged comprising five spot kicks (ABBA method) followed
by sudden death.
After the group stage of the 11v11 and 9v9 leagues, a play off final will take place between the teams
finishing first and second, the winner of which, will win the tournament.

As per normal Mid Lincs rules, each team is responsible for providing its own First Aider and for
knowing each players’ individual needs, allergies and medical conditions. Please bring your own First
Aid Kit.


Mini Kickers 5 A Side
1. HBW United (Blue + White)
2. Welton FC (Purple / Black)
3. Collingham Panthers (Orange + Black)
4. North Lindum Hawks (Blue + White)
1. HBW (Blue + White)
2. Greenbank Barcelona (Light Blue)
3. Sleaford Town (Green)
4. Birchwood

U8 (U9) 7 A Side
1. HBW United (Blue + White)
2. Lowlands JFC (Blue + White)
3. Saxilby Bears (Yellow + Black)
4. Louth Old Boys U8 Blacks (Red + Black)
1. HBW Utd Imps (Blue + White)
2. Lowlands Buccaneers (Blue + White)
3. Retford United (Black + White)
4. North Lindum Hawks Athletic (Royal Blue)

U10 (U11) 9 A Side
1. HBW United (Blue + White)
2. Boston Town Saints (Navy + Black)
3. JFC Boston (Red + Black)
4. Metheringham FC (Red + Black)
1. Horncastle Town
2. Ruston Sports Colts (Blue)
3. Welton FC Bombers (Purple)
4. Retford United Whites (Black + White)

U12 (U13) 11 A Side
1. HBW United (Blue + White)
2. Ruston Sports FC (Blue / White)
3. Greenbank (Green + Black)
4. TBC (TBC)
1. HBW United (Blue + White)
2. Hykeham Town (Royal Blue)
3. Boston Community FC Amber (Amber + Black))
4. St Helens (Red + Black)

The matches will kick off at the following times.
9.30 1 v 2
10 3 v 4
10.30 4 v 1
11 3 v 2
11.30 1 v 3
12 4 v 2
12.30 Final

2 1 v 2
2.30 3 v 4
3 4 v 1
3.30 3 v 2
4 1 v 3
4.30 4 v 2
5 Final

All matches are 25 minutes straight through. There is no half time.

HBW United will provide the match balls for the games.

Kick offs and the end of the game will be signalled by a central claxon.

For 5v5 and 7v7, each team will be presented with participation medals after their last group game.
For 9v9 and 11v11, the teams finishing 3rd and 4th in each group will be presented with their
participation medals after their last group game. The winning team and runners up will be presented
with their medals shortly after the final game.

We also have other matches throughout the day for our teams that are not in the transitional stage of their development and welcome all teams that are joining us on the day from these teams too.

We hope everyone attending has an enjoyable day.

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