HBW United Fantasy Football League

We’re staging the first ever HBW United Fantasy Football Super League and offering some fantastic cash prizes!

To enter you need to create your own squad of Premiership footballers athttp://fantasy.premierleague.com/, then pay your £5 (just pass it onto your team’s manager) and they’ll share the league’s access code with you.

Half of the takings will be donated to HBW United, the other half will form the league’s prize money:

1st place: 50% of the prize money
2nd place: 25% of the prize money
3rd place: 15% of the prize money
4th place: 10% of the prize money

Don’t worry if your football knowledge is limited, you can click the ‘random team’ button and the website will create a team for you.

The season starts on Saturday 8th August – so be quick!

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